News & Events

  • Film festival

    NIHE follows the best of HR procedures. We consider our staff as our assets and so we practice the best staff retention policy. That is why many of our staff has long service record. We are committed to provide our staff with such a congenial work atmosphere that many of them feel that NIHE is their second family.


    Monotony is the prime reason to boredom. NIHE considers the family of our staff as our integral part. So we arrange outings which include the staff and their family full of fun and frolic.

    Training & development

    Learning is a continuous process. Technology changes by the minute and along with it come various other related changes. If you are not updated then you will fall back in the race and will not be able to impart training necessary to handle the change. We at NIHE understand this and so we take it upon us to continuously train our staff in the latest so that they are at par with the latest.
    As it is our requirement that all staff should be trained in using computers and some of the applications so we have developed an in house program to train our staff appropriately.