• NIHE is devoted to improving the quality of life through education and to attain that is to provide an opportunity for the aspirants, irrespective of their social status, a right to education. NIHE provide a safe and congenial atmosphere for students with round the clock surveillance in every class room and around the campus and zero tolerance to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. There has been practically no campus violence reported.
    At NIHE we also create opportunity for the students to identify their talents in extra-curricular activities by conducting various cultural programs and competitions.
    If education is your passion to educate is ours.

Our History

  • NIHE started in the year 2000. We shared our campus with the " Namboodiris college" which is the parent concern of NIHE. Namboodiris college started in the year 1980 with the aim of providing education to students who could not complete their high school for various reasons along with regular students. Then we expanded to higher secondary students of the same category.
    Our success prompted us to start a separate college for the under graduates and post graduates consisting of students who either completed the higher secondary from our institution or students who have been denied admissions in other colleges for myriad reasons.
    NIHE came into existence.

Our Commitment

  • We have become a college where students have a la carte of universities to choose from under one roof and proceed in the direction chosen by them with confidence.
    Our teachers are dedicated and qualified and are committed to "Improving the quality of life through education". We believe that a better student today will become a better human being tomorrow. A better human being is what it takes to build a better nation. This is our commitment to the society.
    Our motto is "To Educate, To empower, To enlighten".

Our Future

  • New courses and newer concepts are instrumental in bringing change and change is the sign of development. Providing prospective students with a variety of courses to choose from, both professional and short term ones, is one of the prerogatives in our future agenda so that they can choose a specific path right from the start rather than just any graduation and then taking it from there.
    A humble beginning, a strong commitment, a perfect focus and a will to prevail will place us among the leaders in the field of education. A global presence is at a tangible distance.