Facts & Figures

  • A glance
    At any point of time NIHE will have more students enrolled per course than many other colleges in the region put together.
    85% students and guardians of students studying at NIHE are very much satisfied by the teaching principles employed.
    About 70% of the students would prefer to return to NIHE for higher education or continuing education program. Of the remaining 30%, 15% prefer to pursue higher education elsewhere and 15% would like to find a suitable job.
  • Financial assistance for undergraduates and graduates – Social Commitment
    NIHE extends financial support in the form of fee relaxation and fee exemption and free uniforms to students who can’t afford but want to be a part of the system.
    Free education materials are also provided to students from very low social status.
    25% of NIHE’s revenue goes to charity and social support organizations.
    Despite the fact that the new campus has incurred a liability and huge financial obligations, the fee is very nominal and the fee structure is pocket friendly.